Rainforest Cruises introduces Zafiro - A new luxury riverboat in the Peruvian Amazon

Written by Tatiana Rokou Courtesy Travel Daily News on . Posted in Luxury Travel & Lifestyle

UNITED STATES - Rainforest Cruises are delighted to introduce the arrival of a new luxury Amazon riverboat - the Zafiro which is set to make its maiden voyage in October 2015. Zafiro - the spanish for sapphire (a type of precious stone) - is a state-of-the-art vessel with all the modern amenities you'd expect of a luxury riverboat, plus some more.

The Watermill at Posara flawlessly melds Tuscany’s rural lifestyle, creative arts classes and ‘Italian fusion’ cuisine

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POSARA, Italy — Nestled in this small, sun-drenched village in the heart of bucolic Lunigiana in northern Tuscany, is The Watermill at Posara, for unforgettable, fun-filled vacations that focus on artistic learning and pampering in vividly picturesque, unspoiled surroundings.