Aston Martin, Maserati use audio to connect with enthusiasts

Written by Sarah Jones Courtesy Luxury Daily on . Posted in Luxury Vehicles & Sports Cars

Breaking from the usual focus on the appearance of vehicles, a number of automakers are using sound-only social content to give fans a different sensory experience of their models. Aston Martin has a SoundCloud account, which it uses to highlight the noise of different vehicles, while Maserati used sound to illuminate the speed of its race cars.

Hublot partners with Dallas Cowboys to bring luxury watches to NFL

Written by Nancy Buckley Courtesy Luxury Daily on . Posted in Luxury Products & Trends

Swiss watchmaker Hublot is the first luxury watch brand to embrace American football through the creation of themed timepieces. Hublot is creating themed timepieces for its partnership with the Dallas Cowboys and will likely attract serious fans of the team. The partnership will add to Hublolt’s involvement in professional athletics and will likely direct a slightly different sporting audience toward the brand’s products.

Indivijual Custom Eyewear Designs to Enhance Each Individual Face

Written by Barbara Clarke on . Posted in Luxury Products & Trends

A new business in Texas has just added another dimension to the concept of “designer eyewear.” Indivijual Custom Eyewear revives the original concept of creating eyeglasses that most flatter and fit each individual face. Indivijual has developed technology that solves hard-to-fit problems and provides unparalleled precision in the fit of the custom frame.

Hermès becomes apparel brand of US equestrian teams

Written by Luxury Daily on . Posted in Luxury Products & Trends

Leather goods maker Hermès is partnering with the United States Equestrian Federation as it becomes the official technical riding apparel supplier of the U.S. equestrian teams. This new partnership and apparel relationship will begin at the 2014 Altech FEI World Equestrian Games. Hermès will have the opportunity to remain loyal to its equestrian ties and is likely to strengthen its relationship with U.S. horse enthusiasts.

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